Ranked and categorized EVA links

We have categorized our EVA links under 14 different groups. You can access each category by clicking the corresponding header below.
Furthermore the links under each category are ranked with 3-1 points. The main idea with the ranking is to serve the information needs of companies implementing EVA as well as possible. Therefore the links that possess the highest rankings are those that offer practical, easily understandable, compact and highly relevant information about implementing or using EVA in corporate controlling. So some very meritorious academic articles or some other very good articles that just do not serve the purpose of our pages in the best possible way might get less than three points.
The most suitable links (marked with 3 points) are listed first in the list.

General                        9 links
Controlling system          3 links
WACC                          1 link
Bonus systems                   3 links
Company examples          18 links
Pitfalls of EVA                   2 links
EVA and other measures      4 links
EVA rankings                    6 links
Other EVA links -pages     7 links
EVA references                 2 links
EVA in valuation          5 links
EVA spreadsheets          3 links
EVA discussion          2 links
Other topics of EVA          1 link
References A link to the article references in my own study
If you feel that the ranking should be changed within some links or you would like to add any links to our categories, please contact us.

The page is last updated in July 2001.